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Looking for a hot shower and a comfy bed along your PCT journey? We've got you covered! Hostel California offers 9 beds in four separate rooms along with a full kitchen, onsite laundry, WiFi, and cable TV. The hostel is also situated less than .1 miles away from town services including a post office, laundromat, restaurants, and stores that can provide a full re-supply and fuel. 

** Rates are $75 per person per bed

(which includes complimentary 9am and 6pm pickups and drop offs from the Deep Creek/Splinters Cabin trailhead and mile 298.5 Nobo (2355.1 Sobo) off the PCT trail)

** Reservations can be made from the trail prior to arrival (first come, first served) via text or call: 1-949-400-9103

** Due to limited space and Arrowhead Lake Association bylaws, I will be prioritizing multi-day, section and thru-hikers of the PCT over other customers.

** We accept Venmo, Square, PayPal, and cash payments.


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